2-Strand Diamond Knot (DK2)

FF -- 2s-DK - 2 Strand Diamond Knot

The 2-Strand Diamond Knot of can be tied either with two separate pieces of rope, or by folding of rope in half.  It creates an attractive woven knot running perpendicular to the direction of the rope.

Diamond knots can be done with 1 strand, 2 strands, or 3+ strands (which can also be doubled or tripled, but the technique for each of these cases is different.

Rope Consumption:

  • With ¼” (~6mm) rope, a 2-Strand Diamond Knot consumes ~4.5” of rope in each strand (a total of 9” of rope if folded over).  Linear Distance Covered (LDC) 0.75”
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