About TheDuchy

Started in 2000 for the shear joy of sharing this fun and exciting hobby, TheDuchy is one of the oldest and friendliest places on the web to learn about rope bondage.

If you don’t already know, bondage is the activity of restraining people for mutual erotic pleasure: tieing someone up, locking them in chains, cuffs, collars, or more esoteric forms of restraint, can be incredibly hot and is a huge turn-on for a lot of people. According to one well known source, the Kinsey Institute, 12% of females and 22% of males respond erotically to S&M. Studies vary, but another one (Lowe, 1983) had it that 5-10% of the U.S. engages in SM for sexual pleasure on at least an occasional basis. It also said that 11% of men and 17% of women reported at least trying bondage, so it follows that these people thought it might be a turn on. It is nothing new, but seems to be growing. Just look at the massive (and growing) amount of bondage-related images in pop culture these days–movies, TV and music videos–and you can see that people are awakening to this side of sexuality. If you ever found yourself watching a movie with slightly more than causal interest when the girl or guy was tied up or had a collar locked around their neck or was locked in a prison cell, then you probably know a bit about this already. 😉

My name is Lazarus Redmayne and I run this site with editorial and gramatical advice from my wife Alexa. The live model used throughout is our sub, Tigglette.

We love this stuff and routinely teach at various bondage cons around the country. If you would like us to come teach you any of this material live, we’d be happy to talk. Feel free to contact me.

On another subject: people keep asking me how to pronounce the name of this site. Sorry about that. Phonetically, it is “the dutch-ee”. A duchy is the name for the lands controlled by a Duke or Duchess, who were basically the highest level of nobility under the Royal family line. I picked it when I was trying to find a .com name I liked and that would fit into a theme that would work for a BDSM site. For years this site was a much more castle- and dungeon-themed site with all those fun graphical elements.

I eventually got tired of all that and shifted the site to focus more on the core areas in which I am interested and think I can help add something to the community. (It was also an excuse to brush up on modern web page concepts. It has been years since I did any developing and it was fun to learn more about modern coding techniques.) So what you now have before you is somewhat Spartan and minimalist in design, but something that contains a lot of readily-absorbable information for people at most any level.