Braid (B3)

FF - Braid

The common braid is also useful in making floggers.  You can use it to add the decorative loop to the handle so the flogger can be hung up more easily.  It can also act as additional texture for the falls of your flogger (If you bracket it some stable transition knot like the 3-Strand Matthew Walker Knot for example).

Many people already know how to make a braid, but we don’t like to make any assumptions here, so if you’ve not seen this technique before here you go!  (BLOT:  The real trick to making a good looking, solid braid is to make the braid tight and keep this same tension on all the strands…)

This same core technique will work with strands of varying numbers, but let’s just start with the classic 3-strand technique.  I’m going to show it very loose in this tutorial see you can see exactly how all the strands are being run and then at the end I will show a couple of examples of a good-looking Braid

Rope Consumption:

  • Plan for 25-30% shrinkage. (Ahem)  i.e. 30” of rope will make ~20-22” of braid if tightly braided
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