Enforced Nadu

This is a Create a Scene post examining how a scene was created using multiple ties.  

Here is another fun position that can be created using only ties found in Rope 101!

This post features Kajira Blue being held in Nadu with Double Columns and Single Columns.  You will doubtless have rope left over after tying the wrists to the legs.  One way this can be used is to attach your partner to anchor points on either side.

In order to do this, you will also need to know the following:

Original is below
Model: Kajira Blue
Rigger: Lazarus Redmayne
Photographer: Lazarus Redmayne

BTS - KB - Enforced Nadu
  1. Extended Double Column binding the elbows together.
  2. Lark’s Head Double Columns on both sides to create a Frog Tie.
  3. Lark’s Head Single Columns around both wrists.
  4. Tail from the wrists run to the ankle cuff of the Frog Ties and tied off.
    … Alternatively, the tail could be run through the thigh cuff, or around the thigh close to the hip and back through the cuff a few times, then tied off.
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  1. Hey, not to be a whiny whiner, this post only has one image, none of the back and sides.

    1. That is often how things are in the BTS section. Often we find a single image online and comment on that, so no other angles are available. That said, this shot certainly invites views from other angles, doesn’t it? I will think about including more for BTS shots that we produce here at TheDuchy in the future.

      1. I think Redleg’s confusion comes from the fact the second section is titled “Original Picture + Shots from the Back and Side”.

      2. Dammit … The perils of copy and paste! Sorry about that. This one only has the one angle. I have fixed the header. Thanks for pointing out the issue!

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