Fall Waitress

This is a Create a Scene post examining how a scene was created using multiple ties.  

Here is another fun position that can be created using only ties found in Rope 101!

This post features Kajira Blue being dress in a Hishi Karada and being held in “Waitress” with Extended Double Columns.

In order to do this, you will also need to know the following:

Original is below
Model: Kajira Blue
Rigger: Lazarus Redmayne
Photographer: Lazarus Redmayne

BTS - KB Fall Waitress - 2022-10-06

Kajira Blue in rope helping her stay in the “Waitress” position

  1. Hishi Karada body harness (Red)
  2. Extended Double Column binding wrist together but allowing them to be far enough apart to hold a plate or serving tray. (Yellow)
  3. Extended Double Column binding elbows together. (Orange)
  4. Lark’s Head around the lower strands of one cuff, tail ran around back of neck and tied off to the lower strands of the other cuff. (Orange) This keeps the wrists at the proper height.
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  1. Very nice! Have been working on combining ties a bit, now that I have gotten several different colors of rope.

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