Behind the Scene

Have you ever seen a rope bondage picture or video and wondered how did they tie that!?  While a given scene may use well-known techniques for for which we already have tutorials, sometimes a rigger has put things together in a way that isn’t quite so obvious — perhaps there are many layers and it is difficult to figure out exactly what they did, or perhaps the rigger uses a technique with which you are unfamiliar and/or for which TheDuchy doesn’t already have a tutorial.

This section is called “Behind the Scene” (purposefully without the last s).  It gives us a place to analyze what went into the creation of the scene in a given picture…

Do you have something you want help figuring out?  Send me your ideas!  Details below.

Here is a sample of the kind of analysis you will find inside the accordion below!


IMPORTANT: Unlike the rest of TheDuchy, “Behind the Scene” (BTS) posts may contain nudity.
If you do not want to see such things, do not expand the accordion below.  

We have intentionally designed TheDuchy to be friendly and non-threatening.  This is why we use the white zentai in our tutorials.  That visual insulation allows people to learn more about these ideas without being assaulted by imagery they may find too intense.

But “BTS” posts deconstruct a picture or video found elsewhere on the internet.  Those pictures, used with permission, often feature nudity.

“Behind-the-Scene” examples where we analyze a picture sent to us and discuss how that scene might have been created:

If the ‘Behind the Scene’ Tutorials section below does not load properly for you, click here to reload.  If that doesn’t work, paste this “” into your browser and hit Enter. (We are working on the issue.)

Would you like to send me an idea for a new BTS post

Check out the guidelines!

  • If you are a BTS member or above, you can send me a link to a picture or video you found online that you *love* and want us to analyze.  (I reserve the right to chose which suggestions I accept, see the guidelines.)
  • If I like it too, I will reach out to the creator of that picture or video and see if I can get permission to repost.  (Obviously with a link back to them so we can get them more traffic for their excellent work!)
  • I will then provide a breakdown of what they did, with links to my tutorials and information on how the various elements are connected, so you have step-by-step instructions!
  • If you want me to, I can also include a shout out to you for the idea!
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  1. Hey Lazarus thank you for such great content. I was looking for the breast tie under the bts section and it has disappeared. Any chance this one will come back.

    1. Yes, That one will be back. We just need to convert it to the new format first.

  2. These are FANTASTIC. Any chance we could get some BTS (or tutorials?) that involve an anal hook? I just got one as a gift from my partner and while there are some pretty straightforward ways to incorporate this into ties, I’m always curious about what I may not be thinking of.

  3. Would LOVE more of these! I absolutely love the annotated picture to show all the different ties, exactly what I am looking for!

  4. How can we vote for the next tutorial

  5. I think you should use both formats. The first format as an intro, followed by the second with more detail. Both formats are lovely on their own, but maybe you could make a sample combination for us to see?

  6. Brilliant idea!

    I’m looking forward to going back into my archives to find my favourites!

  7. Howdy, Lazarus! I really like how this ended up! As I said, sometimes, as the rigger, it’s hard to put a scene together, connect the knots in a beautiful AND effective way… So this helps a lot! For begginers and advanced users alike.
    The warnings are visible, easy to grasp, as they should be. Also love the list pointing to the source material, I’ll be checking that out constantly.

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