Burlington Bowline – Old Version

Burlington Bowline

Here is an amazingly fast and stable single column, originally invented by the amazing Tracker of Innovative Fiber Arts of Vermont.  Once you master it, you can tie it in 20-30 seconds!

For this tie, I used one 15′ (~5m) piece of Natural 6mm (1/4″) hemp provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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The Burlington Bowline – Inline

There are many reasons why you might want to tie a single column around something but do so in the middle of your rope when one end is already anchored.  To do so you need an “inline” type of single column.  A simple variation on the Burlington Bowline works great for this!

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  1. Both this one and the sommerville bowline requires pulling the tail to tighten the knot. This makes them impossible under tension (or set the desired tension easily, which is almost the same). Is there any single column that could be tied in such a situation?

    1. Yes! The Hojo Cuff is a commonly used for this kind of situation.

  2. Is there a situation where you would use this over the Somerville Bowline/Inline Single Column, or are they just different methods to achieve the same goal?

    1. I like this one quite a bit more for the ‘inline’ case. And as it works well for other cases were the Somerville comes in handy, I can see a person just learning the one and rolling with it. But, in truth, they are both wonderful techniques!

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