Creating a Scene

Using multiple ties in combination to create amazing scenes!

Here you will find a growing series of examples of how to include multiple ties from our library into a single scene!

When you begin to use multiple ties — laying them, interconnecting them — you can take your game to the next level, expand the variety and creativity of what you can do!

Use this section as inspiration to think of new things you can do.  Hopefully what you see here will help continue to build your creative potential!

IMPORTANT: Unlike the main Tutorial Library, “Creating a Scene” (CaS) posts do not always use the white zentai.  There is no nudity, but some posts do show skin.  If you do not want to see such things, do not scroll down.  

CAS: Bound to a Toyko Staircase

CAS: Bolero Box Tie in the Corner

CaS: Bed Bound using Foundations Rope

CaS: Bound in an Egg in Tokyo

CaS: Valentine’s 2024

CaS: Christmas Gift 2023

CaS: Trussed Like a Turkey

Kajira Blue – Bed Bound 2

Kajira Blue – Bed Bound 1

BTS: Barbie Bondage 1

Big-Heart Chest Harness

Chair Ties (A Mini Course)

TheDuchy Logo in RL

Box Tie with 101 Techniques

Fall Waitress

Fall Colors – Quadruped

Enforced Nadu

Blue in 101 Rope

Love Bug

Christmas Inspiration!

Heart Ladder & Hip Harness

Gift Wrapping Yourself 1

Bed/Mattress Bondage

Chair Tie Example – Legs-Up

Full Body Hishi Karada

Chair Tie Example – Armless Chair

Chair Tie Example – Folding Chair

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