Cored Square Knot (CSK)

Flogger Forge - A Cored Square Knot or Cobra Knot can be a great way to create a rope strap or unusual texture for your Falls

Cored Granny Knot (CGK)

Flogger Forge - This creates a twisted strap that can be a great way to add vicious texture to the end of your falls

Blood Knot (BK)

Flogger Forge - This simple knot adds weight--and impact--to the falls of your flogger

Matthew Walker Knot

The Matthew Walker Knot - a great rope end or decorative knot. This shows how to tie it for 3, 4, 5, & 6-strands


Frictions are used to connect two bands of rope together tightly so that they support each other and don't slip out of position

Prusik Head

This monumentally cool knot can be adjusted, but locks down when under tension!