Clove Hitch & Constrictor Knot


These knots can be great for holding a bundle of ropes together as you are constructing your project

When I’m trying to hold a bundle of ropes together for purposes of tying a flogger, I use a small piece of electrical tape because doesn’t add more cords (and more confusion) to what I’m trying to tie.

But many people out there have a more purist approach and they want to use just rope, hands, and skill.  If this is you, here are two techniques you can use to hold your project together while you were tying it: The Clove Hitch & The Constrictor Knot

These knots are almost identical except for one small but very important difference.

The Clove Hitch will hold things together reasonably well, but is easy to undo.

The Constrictor Knot will hold things together extremely well, but can be very difficult (in some cases impossible) to undo

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