Continuing Your Rope Education

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A Myth:  You can learn everything you need to know from this site (or any other site)

This site is a great start. It contains a fusion of the collected wisdom and experience of thousands of people in the rope community all over the world.  It can give your the building blocks needed to create thousands of different scenes.

Continue your rope education by connecting with your local community finding local mentors.  Find rope events near you or elsewhere and attend those.  Meet like-minded individuals.  Share what you know, learn from what they have to share.  Join the community!

One other reason to connect to your local scene: For most people, an important step in growing new skills is having an experienced person watch what you are doing and give you feedback, which is a valuable part of the process that a book alone cannot give you. Regardless of how detailed and precise we try to be in this book, there will be things that you may miss or may not understand until someone shows you in person. Also, maybe another rigger’s style of tying or the way they phrase the instructions clicks better for you and that’s great! Again, there is no “one true way” and if you find a way that works better for you, run with it!

How Do You Find a Local Teacher or Mentor?

First find your local rope community. Start going to rope munches, rope practice labs, or parties put on by a rope group. At those events, ask people who they respect that might be willing to teach you, or to watch you and provide feedback. Ask for honest feedback and accept any comments you get gratefully, like the gifts they are. Learn from them. Over time, you may find yourself connecting with someone, and that may lead to more.

Your local rope group or adult store may also put on formal classes or be able to recommend classes taught by other groups in the area. These can also be tremendously helpful.

There are also various conferences and conventions focused on kink in general or on rope specifically. These can be great opportunities for learning and socializing — and realizing just how big the scene really is!

Just Google “BDSM rope convention” or “rope bondage convention” to find options near you or within reasonable traveling distance.

Next… Let’s go get our hands on some rope!



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