Core Knowledge

If you are new to rope you are no doubt wondering where to begin.  This page is a great place to start.  If you go through these tutorials in order, you will learn the core things you need as the building blocks to become a rigger.  This will take you from the absolute ground floor, up through a few standard base knots and ties that all riggers know and use, and build you up to one intermediate tie.  From there, you have all you need to keep building.  But…

The very first thing to learn is   >>> SAFETY <<<

Rope is not “safe”. Risk can never be reduced to zero.  If you are ignorant of safety considerations you are not competent to put rope on anyone.  By definition, you are incompetent.  Get. Competent. First.

Now that you have read up on safety — you did, didn’t you? — go on to learn the core!

This page is sort of like a Rope Bondage 101 and 102 class.

Go through these tutorials in order and they will  build on themselves and set you up so you can go on and explore your particular interests with a firm foundation.

When you have completed the single column ties you can do a host of bondage scenes with that skill alone:

  • Hands to overhand hard points
  • Spread eagle on a bed
  • Tied to a chair
  • Pretty much anything where a single wrist or ankle is tied to some other thing…

When you have completed the double column ties you can do a host of additional scenes:

  • Tying all sorts of things together:  Wrists, ankles, knees, wrists behind the back or up over to back of the head,
  • Ankle to thigh in a Frog Tie
  • Wrists overhead with some tension (not suspension yet)
  • Elbow (if your partner is very flexible)
  • Strappado (a joint lock position)

Finally, when you work through a few harnesses, you now have seen how to apply the previous skills in a variety of ways and will, with those harnesses, have anchor points on your partner that can be used in an almost infinite variety of ways…


Choosing Rope

Rope Length & Thickness

Coiling & Storing Rope

Rope Ends

Overhand | Double Overhand

Square Knot | Surgeon’s Knot

Lark’s Head Knot

Two Half-Hitches

Crossing Hitch (Munter Hitch)

Lark’s Head Single Column

Somerville Bowline

Lark’s Head Double Column

Wrap & Cinch Double Column

Load-baring DC

Inline Single Column (ILSC)

Unchastity Belt

Hobble | Simple Elbow Tie

Prusik Cuffs

Extending Rope

Bikini Harness

Hishi Karada (‘Rope Dress’)

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