Unchastity Belt


This simple waist harness–commonly known by the awful name “Crotch Rope”–is really nothing more than a belt made from a Lark’s Head Single Column and a clever use of the tail.  It has a fun little teasing feature. Think of it as an un-chastity belt made from rope.

It can be put on quite tight, but always remember that your partner needs to breath. If you cinch their waist so much that you take their diaphragm out of action, they need to be able to breathe through their chest, so take care how tight you put on a chest harness if you already have a very tight waist band.

This tutorial shows the standard version of this tie, as well as variations you will need if your partner has a penis or if you would like to add a dildo to your partner…

Notes:  The primary variations found in crotch rope are decorative. For example, you may use a figure eight knot for the happy knot or a chain stitch to distribute the pleasure over a larger area. If the wearer is going to have access to be able to pull on it or rub the crotch rope against something else, this can be an advantage.

Other potential variations on the crotch rope include adding a decorative front or back in the style of a Karada. To do this, add an extra overhand knot to both the front and back of the lead before you run it between the legs and then before you attach it to the back as shown. Now when it comes to the back run the lines underneath the back strap, cross them beneath the leads so that they can be separated, then run them to the front as shown through the space between the front of the belt and the first overhand knot and then back to the back, underneath the Overhand Knot as shown. This adds an element of hip decoration which can be attractive.

Coil of Rope

For this tutorial, I used one 30′ (~9m) piece of Braided Cotton Cord.

I usually use hemp rope provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out for some amazing rope!

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Video Contents:

  • Creating the Belt (0:18)
  • Adding the “Unchastity” Part… (1:41)
  • Variations for a penis (5:10)
  • Adding a dildo if you like (6:03)

The Core Technique - Pictures & Text


1. We’re going to start with a Lark’s Head Single Column around the waist. You can either do it here at the soft waist if you want to add a little waist training to your session, or…

Unchastity Belt - (2)

2. Unchastity Belt

Unchastity Belt - (3)

3. Wrap the rope around the waist, forming a Lark’s Head at the front. Reverse the direction of the lead and wrap around the waist again, above the previous wrap.

Unchastity Belt - (4)

4. Run the tail to the secondary bight.

Unchastity Belt - (5)

5. ‘Dress’ the cords to make sure they are all parallel and even, then lock off the waistband.

If you need a review on how to do this, see the Lark’s Head Single Column tutorial

Unchastity Belt - (6)

6. (Optional – Happy knot, version for people with no penis) You can place a small knot in your rope that will put pressure on the clit as your partner moves around, teasing them a little.

Unchastity Belt - (7)

7. Tie an overhand knot or figure-8 knot at a point that it will press directly on the clit.

Unchastity Belt - (8)

8. Run the rope between your partner’s legs and settle the happy knot in place before moving on to tie it off in the back.

Unchastity Belt - (9)

9. (Optional – Happy knot, version for people with a penis) If your partner has a penis, run one rope on each side of the shaft, tight to the base, the tie the knot just below the testes, so that the knot is pressed into the perineum (that spot between the base of the testes and the anus)

Unchastity Belt - (10)

10. Run the cord between the legs…

Unchastity Belt - (11)

11. Bring the rope up between your partner’s butt cheeks to the back.

Note: If you are going run rope so that it touches a person’s sexual organs or anus… that rope is now theirs. It is virtually impossible to fully sterilize rope and we’re talking about areas such as these, sterilization is important. Regardless, WASH your damn rope afterwards. Alternatively, use plastic wrap as a barrier between your partner’s sensitive bits and your rope.

Unchastity Belt - (12)

12. Bring the tail up to the back to the belt. Lock off any way you like.

If you only have a little bit of rope left, you could lock off with two half hitches or you could run the rope under the belt and then lock off with a Half-Hitch Square Knot. I happen to have quite a bit of rope left over, so I am going to use a repeating crossing hitch to use up the remainder of my rope.

Unchastity Belt - (13)

13. The rest of the steps just visually show you what I’m doing to use up my rope. I am just going back and forth, weaving the line between each side of the belt and the center line

Unchastity Belt - (14)

14. …

Unchastity Belt - (15)

15. …

Unchastity Belt - (16)

16. …

Unchastity Belt - (17)

17. …

Unchastity Belt - (18)

18. …

Unchastity Belt - (19)

19. …

Unchastity Belt - (20)

20. …

Unchastity Belt - (21)

21. …

Unchastity Belt - (22)

22. …

Unchastity Belt - (23)

23. …

Unchastity Belt - (24)

24. …

Optional Strap-on - Pictures & Text

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (1)

1. If you would like to install a dildo on your partner, you can use this harness.

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (2)

2. Create a knot closer to the waistband. You can use an Overhand Knot like I’m showing here or you could use a Square Knot.

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (3)

3. Place the dildo in between the two ropes tight up against the first knot.

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (4)

4. Add an Overhand Knot below the dildo to lock it in place. Test to make sure that it is sitting in the right position, and then convert your overhand knot into a Square Knot to lock everything in place.

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (5)

5. Position your partner’s new appendage where it is supposed to be.

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (6)

6. Run the tail between your partner’s legs…

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (7)

7. …

Unchastity Belt - Strap-On (8)

8. …to the back of the waist band and lock off however you wish.

Legacy Version (Published Dec 19, 2017) - Pictures & Text


1. Wrap the rope around the waist, forming a Lark’s Head at the front

We are pretty much just putting a Lark’s Head Single Column around our partner’s waist. If you already know how to do this, skip to Step 7 🙂


2. Reverse the direction of the lead and wrap around the waist again, above the previous wrap

Keep the tension even and the same as the first wrap. ‘Dress’ the cords to make sure they are all parallel and even


3. Pull the lead through the bight you formed in step 2


4. Reach under the belt from above and grab the tail


5. Pull *most* of the tail through, but keep a small loop back


6. Reach through the loop and grab the tail


7. Pull through and tighten

Completed single-column belt


8. If your partner is biologically female, tie an overhand knot or figure-8 knot at a point that it will press directly on the clit. If male, position it just back of base of the penis (running the cords around each side).


9. Run the cord between the legs…

Note: If you are going run rope so that it touches someones sexual organs or anus… WASH your damn rope afterwards. Alternatively, wrap a little plastic wrap around those parts of the rope that will make contact…


10. …and up the back to the belt. Reach under the belt and grab the tail


11. Pull through. Split the cords


12. Bring them to the front and complete the bondage with a Square Knot


13. Thus.

(I had a bit of extra rope, so I just ran it to the front to get it out of the way for the picture. Another option is to wind it around the belt…)


14. Completed from rear


15. Completed from front

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  1. For male body types, does the “happy knot” typically go behind the penis between it and the testes? Or behind the testes?

    1. Behind the testes, between them and the anus, on the perineum.

  2. is it possible to make this into a reverse Y harness? i.e split the ropes at the back for access? could I make two binds in the lowest waist strap? and secure tails with hitch knots ? these could also serve as handles….

    1. Oh, certainly! That is the cool thing about rope, variations are limitless! You might have to experiment a bit, but that should work fine. If you have issues with the two rear binds tending to work their way toward the center and the harness loosening over time, you could prevent that by (1) doing the hitches and then (2) running the tails around the hips to the front and securing the tails there.

  3. Simple and fun! Especially if your partner is particularly sensitive…down there…

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