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¡Un poco de broma (piensa en el juego del pony) hecho de cuerda! Si haces uno de estos con 1/4″ (6mm) de cuerda, casi cualquiera puede manejarlo, pero si usas una cuerda de mayor diámetro (3/8″ (8mm) o más), esta mordaza puede ser muy difícil para que alguien se la lleve a la boca. ...los buenos tiempos...

Bobina de cuerda

Para este lazo, utilicé un trozo de 15′ (~5m) de Cáñamo de 6mm (Color Natural) proporcionado por mi afiliado Twisted Monk.

Yo uso una increíble cuerda de cáñamo natural proporcionada por mi afiliado Twisted Monk. ¡Compruébalos!

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  1. Do you know a good way to ensure that that the bit ends up in the center of the rope? I would like the left over tail to be even lengths so I can use it for other purposes

    1. Unfortunately, this is just a trail-and-error kind of thing. Although you can tie the knot, but not tighten it too much at first, then work the rope through in one direction or the other to get it centered after the fact.

  2. How much diameter would you/did you use for the core?

    1. I used a quarter inch (~6mm) for mine. You could use bigger if you want to force the jaws further apart… Work it out with your partner 😉

  3. Can this be done without the core, and just a loop on each end? If so I would like that as a more flexible bit/gag. Thanks!

    1. Yep! It can be done that way, too. you just have to make the wraps very tight. However, if you do it that way, it is very flexible and can almost always be spit out.

    2. Oh, sure! I only use the core to keep it a little more stiff so that it’s harder to spit out and offers more control. If you prefer the softer version, it’s totally fine to do this without the core. You do however need to wrap it quite tight to keep it firm and help it keep its shape

  4. What are you using for a core on this, and where do I find one? 😁

    1. I used a piece of aluminum rod in which I carved a few grooves using a round file and a drill. I stuck a length of rod into the drill chuck then ran the drill and put the round file against the spinning rod to carve the grooves. 🙂

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