Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

Access to the Discord server comes with the BTS level and above.  I don’t yet have the invite automated, so I do all the invites for a given month on or around the 6th of the following month.

I have an article on that!  It focuses on finding a local mentor, but the advice there will lead you to other things as well.

For a variety of reasons discussed here, we used to work almost exclusively with a mannequin.  Many of the tutorials on TheDuchy were created during that time, so you will see her around quite a bit.

At the end of 2021 however, we largely retired her and are now work almost exclusively with live models.  Over time we intend to include more representation in gender and body type as well.

That is called a “zentai” (it covers the head).  You can also get them so they don’t cover the head; those as called “cat suits”.  I get mine from Amazon, but you can also find them in costume and dance stores.

So you have become a member, but are having trouble accessing the member-only content?

Usually, the issue that you are not yet fully confirmed.  When you signed up, a confirmation email was sent to you.  You are looking for a message like this:


You need to click the confirmation link at the top before it will let you in to the members-only tutorials.  If you haven’t see the confirmation email, check your spam filter.

Once you confirm your email by clicking the link, log in:

Let me know if you continue to have any trouble!

I TRIED that, dammit.  It didn’t work.

If you received an email with a validation link and it looked like this:


That is not the account validation email.  That is a security validation email generated by my security software.

Some people see this during the account setup process and–quite understandably–think that this is the account verification they were told to expect.  Unfortunately this is not the message the need.

The Account Verification message looks like this:


Once you have click the verification link in ^this^ message, you should then be able to log in and access member content.

Please see the technical support page.

If those don’t help, contact us.

TheDuchy will soon have an app version that will allow you to save the pictures and text of a tutorial for up to 3 weeks!  This is helpful if you are going somewhere without good internet access.  You visit the tutorials you want before you go and they will stay on your device for 3 weeks.

This feature is not yet available.