Forced Orgasm Belt (Prusik)


This simple modification of the Unchastity Belt (aka Crotch Strap ::shudder::) allows you to install a wand vibrator AND to adjust its position without have to re-tie!

(Note: If you are confident in your placement, you can achieve a similar effect by simply putting tow overhand knots in your crotch strap at exactly the right points.  This approach really only adds the ability to adjust the position after-the-fact…)

Before trying this, you should know: Unchastity BeltPrusik Head & Fisherman’s Knot

Pros – This version is simple and allows you to adjust the location of the vibrator forward or backward on your partner, without having to untie or retie the crotch strap!

Cons – This variant does not hold the wand perfectly stable.  If your partner moves a lot, they can shift the contact point of vibrator.  If your partner likes to writhe, you would either need to add additional lines to lock the vibrator more firmly in place (I will need to work up a tutorial on that…) or tie your partner in some way that they cannot do much writhing…  hmmm…Challenge Accepted!

For this tie, I used one 15′ (~5m) piece of Natural 6mm (1/4″) hemp provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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