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You don’t need to be a paying member to learn lots of great stuff!  These free courses contain everything you need to begin having rich and fulfilling rope adventures!

Context, planning, risk management and safety:

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Foundations of Rope Bondage (a.k.a. Rope 101 & Rope 102)

Foundations of Rope Bondage is a series of over 35 tutorials that start from the ground and help you build all the skills you need for a solid understand of core rope bondage.  Some people have a happy life of rope-filled adventures using only this material!

  • Understanding the BDSM Scene, Negotiation, Safety, Risk Management & Finding a Local Mentor
  • Rope itself – Choosing rope, creating your rope kit, handling rope, coiling and storing rope.
  • The 4 Fundamental Knots
  • Core Single Column Ties – several techniques for creating a rope “cuff” with a lead that can be attached to something else
  • Core Double Column Ties – Wrist-to-wrists, ankle-ankle, ankle-thigh, wrist-thigh, wrist-ankle, elbow-elbow, …the list goes on…
  • Building Blocks – A few core techniques that will allow you to do so much more! Including extending rope if you need more and using up rope if you have too much.
  • A few Core Harnesses – Shinju, Pentagram Harness, Unchastity Belt and more!
Class - Rope 101

Free Instructor Resources

Instructors are welcome to use TheDuchy as a reference and resource for classes they teach.  We provide pre-created lesson outlines and downloadable resources that may be helpful.

Library of Free Content

The above list is in a curated order.  If you start at the top and work down, everything will build on things before. 

If you would prefer to jump to a particular topic, here is a full list of our free content:

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A Kinky Education List

Some people are just here for the artistry, some people want to learn more. Here is a good place to start for both new and experienced players.

Bondage Belt

Here is one technique to integrate two cuffs into a single rope belt, making it a Bondage Belt 🙂

Frog Tie

A frog tie is just a double column tie applied in such a way so as to tie the ankle to the thigh


Lashings connect two pieces of bamboo (two sticks, two dowels, whatever) together ... used to create bondage frames


This classic chest harness, known and practiced by riggers throughout the world, is simple, secure and, when applied properly, can be used for suspension.

Small Fiber Neuropathy

A person with SFN may experience pain or other sensations in ways or to degrees that you might not expect.

Unchastity Belt

Commonly known by the awful name "Crotch Rope", this simple waist harness has a little teasing feature. Think of it as an un-chastity belt made from rope 🙂