Rigger for Hire

Harken, Filmmakers, please hear me!

If your film is going to have bondage in it, please — for the love of Jezebel — PLEASE get a real bondage practitioner to consult with you on your vision. We can show you how to make your scene some to life in a way that really look threatening instead of comical.  We can teach your antagonists how to hold and move the rope so they look competent and scary.  We can at least show you how to tie someone so that it will take actual effort to escape!  😉

There are so many movies — both independent and mainstream (even blockbusters) — that have bondage that is so poorly done that it takes me (and anyone like me) totally out of the moment.  When the protagonist has to fight to hold the ropes on for fear that a sneeze could cause them to fall off, it causes me physical pain.   The point is that they should be fighting to get out of the ropes not to stay in them!

Come on!  You’re HOLLYWOOD!! You’ve got to have one or two kinksters hanging out around there somewhere!  If you don’t talk to me, please find one of them to help you get the bondage right.  🙂

But, hey, I would be thrilled to help!  Reach out to me and let’s talk about what you want to do!