Ghost Rigger for Hire

Film makers: hear me!  If your film is going to have bondage in it, please–for the love of Jezebel–PLEASE get a real bondage practitioner to consult with you on your vision.

I see so many movies–both independent and coming out of Hollywood (even blockbusters)–that have bondage that is just …aweful!  When the protagonist has to fight to hold the ropes in place or could sneeze and they would fall off, it causes me physical pain.   …And certainly takes me out of the moment.

Come on!  You’re HOLLYWOOD!!!  You’ve got to have one or two kinksters out there somewhere!  If you don’t hire me, please find one of them to help you get the bondage right.  🙂

But, hey, I am also thrilled to help!  Reach out to me and lets talk about what you want to do!