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If you are new to rope bondage, start with Core Knots & Skills for important information on safety, tips on choosing rope, and the basic knots upon which other ties are built.

December 30, 2018

While TheDuchy has been around since 2000, 2018 was the first year we have made a go of actively building a community and gathering your support for the project.  And what a year it has been!  Thousands of people from across the world have joined us to learn and to guide how TheDuchy has grown.  As I have said so many times, (and will say many times in the future), I am deeply grateful to every one of you.

So let’s have a few more things to wrap up 2018!

  • Here is a full body version of the Hishi Karada.  No huge surprises, but in case you hadn’t considered trying this, it can be loads of fun to mummify or mermaid your partner like this and tease them semi-unmercifully  🙂
  • I routinely get questions about the doll I use for most of the tutorials.  Either where to get one like her or why I choose to use a doll.  So I wrote up a short article on the doll and why all the white!?  Those dolls are pretty expensive, so the article also includes other ways you might practice
  • It is time to vote for the next tutorial!  The next tutorial will be the 3-rope TK, but I have added a few new options to the queue, so be sure to jump in and cast your up vote for the tutorials you’d like to see after the 3TK.
  • Speaking of voting, we have been using this continuous voting concept for a few weeks now, so I will send out a survey in a few days to gauge how well you all are liking it.  With your input and support, we will continue to grow and help each other learn more and more!

My best to you and yours as you launch your new year!


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