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If you are new to rope bondage, start with Core Knots & Skills for important information on safety, tips on choosing rope, and the basic knots upon which other ties are built.

Gauntlets and survey results

Hi All,

I have posted the next tutorial that you voted for, Gauntlets!

Pretty straight-forward, but can be a cool addition to an outfit!  ;)\

Also, I have complied your feedback from the survey I posted last time:

  • Overwhelmingly, you told me that how TheDuchy works with Patreon needs attention.  There is a lot to unpack there, but, in summary, we will absolutely engage a developer to help us with this.  If you want details of what challenges people are seeing and what we will do about them, check out the Patreon post
  • The feature that got the second-highest up-votes is actually something that we already have  XD:
    >> If you want to sort the tutorials by type (chest, waist, single column, double column, etc…), go to:
    >> If you want to sort by difficulty (easy, intermediate, advanced), go to:
    >> If you want to sort by which are unlocked at your level (free, 3, 5), go to:
  • The next feature that you asked for was a way to have access to the tutorials when you don’t have a good connection.  One method for doing that would be to offer the tutorials as pdfs, which, for a variety of reasons, I am not going to do.  But another way is to offer an app that will let you download them and still give you access to updates for them, etc.  We have been working on an app and are almost ready for a Alpha test.  I will make an announcement on this soon, inviting you to participate if you wish!
  • There were plenty of other great suggestions as well that we will work on over time once we get these top ones dealt with!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to let me know what has been bugging you and what we can improve!  I very much appreciate it!

And, as always, thank you for your support,



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