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You can go make your own porn later on this evening…

If you are new to rope bondage, start with Core Knots & Skills for important information on safety, tips on choosing rope, and the basic knots upon which other ties are built.


We have tutorials for beginners and for experienced players. Check out the current full list!


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I don’t provide the history on every tie–many of them are general knowledge and the origins are lost to history–but I do include that detail when I do know.  If you happen to know who invented a particular tie, please let me know!  I will add that information and credit you for the find!

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January 14, 2018 – Voting for the next tutorial is closed!  

The winner is: The Chain-Stitch Corsetwhich will be posted as a patron-only tutorial within the next week or two!

Runner up was the Curves-Ahead TK, then the Curves-Ahead Drum Harness, which will both appear in the next vote along with several other choices!  Become a patron, you you, too, can have a say on what we post next!

Dec 24, 2017:  I have spent the last two months updating TheDuchy to WordPress so that I can bring new cool features to our community.  If you create an account, you can comment on tutorials!  If you support me on Patreon, you can suggest new tutorials and vote on which the next one will be!

I am updating all my content to a new look and feel.  For an example of the new style, check out the Bikini Harness, for an example of the old, check out the Cross-Chest Box Tie.  The new ones have a video, more detail, and a cleaner look and feel.

However, there are a few growing pains, that come with this.  Until I complete the update to a given tutorial, you will see a watermark right across the middle of the pictures.  Sorry about that.  I’ll put it on the side in the new versions.  I should get all this cleaned up over the next couple of months…

Also, because of how WordPress works, some of the pictures may be trimmed a bit.  If you have difficulty seeing something, I recommend clicking the image for a larger view. Sometimes it is not only larger, but also shows more of the picture as well…  (another issue I will work on)

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