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You can go make your own porn later…

If you are new to rope bondage, start with Core Knots & Skills for important information on safety, tips on choosing rope, and the basic knots upon which other ties are built.

An adjustable forced-O belt & more!

Hi Everyone!,

I have just released three more tutorials that cover some simple yet fun ideas!\

I am working on several more advanced tutorials as well, some new material and some revisions to older tutorials. So, much more to look forward to!

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Party in Minneapolis/St.Paul, March 29!

KiSS Events, by is pleased to return to the kink scene presenting the highly anticipated KiSS Equinox ‘Gothic Dream Gala’ Friday, March 29, 2019, 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

KiSS ‘Gothic Dream Gala‘ is a ‘Taste of Kink‘ adult lifestyle and combined charity event supporting the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Make a Wish Foundation, with a focus on bringing together all lifestyles and kinks over one amazing night bi-annually; embracing diversity, expanding awareness in the performing arts and BDSM community from bondage to burlesque, as well as, providing opportunities for lifestyle members to discover new experiences and preferences in the world of kink.

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I don’t provide the history on every tie–many of them are general knowledge and the origins are lost to history–but I do include that detail when I do know.  If you happen to know who invented a particular tie, please let me know!  I will add that information and credit you for the find!

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