Ukraine is not listed in a “Country” region for a membership

2 months agoopen

Lazarus, I had a conversation with you by e-mail about it previously, and I know that it’s not your fault or position, but your payment provider. Are there any changes? Or, I should still use a Patreon option? Thanks!


From Lazarus:  Background on this one: The bank I am currently using to process payments is enforcing a US Department of State list of what countries they are allowed to accept processing from.  If you live in Ukraine or other countries on that list, that bank will not process payments.

This does not seem to apply to Patreon however.  So if you cant find your country on the direct list when trying to join, just go over and sign up via Patreon instead.  You have access to the same material either way.

We are looking to change payment processing for our Direct memberships to a new processor that will hopefully not have this limitation, but that is taking time to complete.  Once we have changed processors, we will update this ticket.

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