Tutorials – Intermediate

Bit Gag

Chair Tie – Armless Chair ③

Chair Tie – Folding Chair ③

Cross-Chest Box Tie

Double Coin Knot

Dragonfly Harness ③

Ebi (‘Shrimp’) Tie


Frictions for Hard Points ③

Futomomo for Suspension ③

Gote Shibari

Hair Ties ③

Hog Tie (Accessible)

Inline Single Column

Karada Box Tie

Karada Hobbleskirt

Karada Mini Skirt ③

Kikkou Karada ③

Lightning Harness

Loop-Chain Evening Dress

Loop-Chain Harness

Loop-Chain Thigh-Highs

One-Handed Slip Knot ③

Prayer Tie ③

Redmayne Catch ③

Server’s Hand Catch (Limb Binding)


Star Harness (w Arms)

Suspension Shinju ③

Swiss Seat

Teshibari ③

Unchastity Belt Cuffs ③

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  1. Your step by step instructions are very easy to follow. I like the option of a video or still photos so I can work at my own pace. Thank you for helping to up my bondage game!

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