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  • TheDuchy is the #1 most visited rope bondage education website in the world.
  • When Sexual Alpha ranked 500 top kinky blogs, TheDuchy earned the #3 spot!
  • We offer a unique, non-threatening learning environment — TheDuchy is about education, not titillation. See some of the great comments from some of our members below!
  • We focus on the technique and the reasons behind it.  You learn not just what to do, but why.  As you work through the tutorials you build an understanding that allows you to begin to explore on your own, creating beyond known patterns.
  • We are constantly growing and improving.  We release at least one new tutorial each month, but often more than that.
  • As a member/member, you can help control where TheDuchy grows!  What do you want to learn next?  Vote on it!

Our community continues to grow! Many of you have reached out to express your appreciation, saying over and over how helpful these tutorials have been, and I thank you for your kind words. But by becoming a member, you have access to even more tutorials AND can provide ideas and can vote on what the next tutorial will be!  Check out the matrix on the above to see what you get at each level!

You may have noticed that each membership level actually has a price range.  For many in the community, this project is just as much about supporting a strong resource as it is about gaining access to more content.  So you are free to select what is most comfortable for you … with greater rewards at each level…

Free Courses & Resources:

These free courses contain everything you need to being having rich and fulfilling rope adventures!

Context, planning, risk management and safety:


Foundations of Rope Bondage (a.k.a. Rope 101 & Rope 102)

Foundations of Rope Bondage is a series of XX tutorials that start from the ground and help you build all the skills you need for a solid understand of core rope bondage.  Some people have a happy life of rope-filled adventures using only this material!

  • Understanding the BDSM Scene, Negotiation, Safety, Risk Management & Finding a Local Mentor
  • Rope itself – Choosing rope, creating your rope kit, handling rope, coiling and storing rope.
  • The 4 Fundamental Knots
  • Core Single Column Ties – several techniques for creating a rope “cuff” with a lead that can be attached to something else
  • Core Double Column Ties – Wrist-to-wrists, ankle-ankle, ankle-thigh, wrist-thigh, wrist-ankle, elbow-elbow, …the list goes on…
  • Building Blocks – A few core techniques that will allow you to do so much more! Including extending rope if you need more and using up rope if you have too much.
  • A few Core Harnesses – Shinju, Pentagram Harness, Unchastity Belt and more8

Free Instructor Resources

Instructors are welcome to use TheDuchy as a reference and resource for classes they teach.  We provide pre-created lesson outlines and downloadable resources that may be helpful.

Member courses, tutorials and more!

When you have worked through all the free stuff, extend your skills even more!

A Library of over 300 Tutorials

Our extensive Library will allow to choose you own adventure.  Browse until you find something that calls you and dive in!

Each tutorial contains detailed, step-by-step instructions.  Most have both a video version and a picture-and-text version.  We all learn differently, so pick what works for you!

Curated Courses

If you prefer having guidance as to what to learn first and how to build concepts together so you can more easily absorb the material and grow more quickly, check out our Courses and mini-courses.

Courses put together a series of tutorials in a curated order, one topic building on another toward a cool goal.

Mini-courses break down a complex topic or a type of tie that can be done in many different ways into a series of modular, easy-to-understand steps that help you understand the underlying principles and various options you might have at each stage.  With that understanding you can begin creating on your own ties instead of following a series of memorized steps.  Example topics include:

Layered Ties

In the Layered Ties section you will find examples of how to include multiple ties from our library into a single scene!

When you begin to use multiple ties, to layer them, to interconnect them, you can take your game to the next level, expand the variety of what you do and build your creative potential.

BTS – “Behind-the-Scene”

Have you ever seen a rope bondage picture or video and wondered, “How did they tie that?”  That’s where our “Behind the Scene” section comes in.  BTS Tutorials come from pictures or videos found on the internet and sent in by our members.  We look at the image and tell you how that particular scene was likely created!

Unlike the other sections of TheDuchy, this section does contain nudity.
Here are a few free samples (these do not contain nudity)

Flogger Forge

Flogger Forge is a unique feature!  This is a collection of knots and techniques that you can use to create floggers of your own design!  Learn the core components that you will need to  and a few examples where I pull various components together into cool designs!

Other Member Perks

Testimonials and Comments

I read a bunch of the free content this past week and really love it. His tone when writing is so pleasant, informative, and reassuring. It’s exactly the right voice for the topic he’s devoted to – JT

I have absolutely loved your rope tying tutorials!!  – DG

I have to tell you how much I enjoy your work on the duchy and the precision you put into your rope work.  – JS

Aloha from Hawaii, Love your site. So much fun learning ropes. Prusik is my favorite! The possibilities are endless. Aloha – KBD

I just want to thank you for all the free stuff!!! Me and my girlfriend love rope-bondage and have attended a few workshops. This website helps me to remember what I’ve learned so we can practice at home. For the moment I’m on a tight budget so I can’t be a patreon yet, which I’m really sorry for. TheDuchy videos are so well done I can’t believe this is for free!! I hope I can become a patreon in the near future !! -J

Hey, I just found your website. Awesome! I was especially impressed with the “connecting with your partner” video. You don’t see that a lot in shibari guides. My sub and I are going to be using your page a lot (and of course, contributing to your patreon).  -SM

I’m an aspiring rigger, and have been following your tutorials on The Duchy with my sub. They’re absolutely fantastic: clear, easy to follow, and fantastically staged photographs to make everything so much easier. It’s been a fantastic resource for me!  – MM

Just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your work. When I first started out trying rope I had come across your site and it was very helpful and simplified, and helped me gain a good ground for a lot of other techniques or my own personal ties. I’ve since mentioned your works to all people I meet that are starting out there rope journey. But anyway, thank you for all the wonderful rope demos you’ve given out to the public and I hope you have a great day – E