1. I’m very new to this and attempting to learn as much as possible about safety and knots before I even touch my partner with a rope.. Doesn’t this contradict the ‘don’t put knots on her spine’ guideline? I feel like I’m missing a key point.

    1. A good question! The real guideline is “don’t put concentrated pressure on the spine”, particularly if it is sharp or sustained pressure. So you would not want to use a tie like this and then fuck your partner on a tile floor. Choose something soft to lay on or a position that doesn’t put them on their back (wink-wink, nudge-nudge :). You can also place the knots slightly to the side to help even further. Have fun experimenting with other ways to resolve this apparent conflict 😉

  2. How long is the bottom rope? 5m like the other?

    1. Yes, it is the 5m one I mention. The Karada itself (which is already tied on at the beginning of this tutorial) uses a 9m (~30′) rope or more.

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