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You can choose your preferred language and TheDuchy will be auto-translated as you browse!  We hope this makes the learning experience even better for our friends around the globe.

We do translation in 2 stages, so quality will be continuously improving!

Stage 1:

The first translation is done by DeepL, an automated language translator that leverages Machine Learning.  If you come to a translated page where the word just seems a bit off, it is likely that only this first level has been done.

The limit here is that a tool like DeepL will not understand many of the terms we use in BDSM, because it has not been trained to.  For example, we came across a page where the word “bottom” (as in Top/bottom) was translated as “buttocks”, which dramatically altered the meaning of the sentence.

If you come across issues like this, please contact us to fix it.  Also, Stage 2 should help!

Stage 2: 

We are building a team of amazing volunteers that are working to review the translations made by DeepL and are fixing mistranslations.  Over time, they will review all the pages and improve the quality of the translations.

If you are a native speaker of a language other than English and would like to contribute to this effort, drop me a line to discuss!

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