Live Training

I provide live training on these and other rope bondage techniques.  Private lessons, group lessons, guest presentations at conventions, I am happy to talk about your need.  Please reach out to me to discuss.

Some Testimonials:

Amazing – great preparation, interesting, useful. Please more from Lazarus.

That was one of the most practically useful classes I’ve been to at a kink event in years.

very informative. My best class of the weekend

By far the best presentation we have seen in a long time.

Thanks for the great class! The possibilities with the Redmayne Catch still have me smirking and wanting to clap like a seal.

really good ties and ideas and Dominic was funny… i like the funny ones

So nicely done. Loved the demo. Loved the teaching. Loved the handouts. Loved what we learned. Great class!

Very well taught. Clear with modular, step-by-step breakdown of knots. No suggestions for improvement.

Best class of the event great presenter actually had hand outs which i had been complaining about everyone else not having. explained things very well. you could tell he presents a lot

That was an awesome class. Real hands on techniques that are simple to administer yet impossible to escape from. Undoubtedly one of the best classes we have ever attended. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Funny, creative, effective. This class was great! I loved the theatrical effects in the beginning to demonstrate what would be taught. The handouts were incredibly helpful. Very engaging and fun class, great instructor. Please do more!

This class was amazing. Dominic is a amazing presenter who started the class off with a fun little dramatic opening that caught our attention, then taught us some really interesting and functional hojo style ties. His handout was also very well put together!

Loved this! I’ll definitely be using the Prusik knot. I was impressed and pleased by how much material Dominic covered, and it didn’t feel too fast (except for a bit at the end, where most people had handouts to follow along with, but there weren’t enough for all of us – then it was hard to follow the last few ties).

Aside from the basic ties I learned in Mataleo’s intro class, I took the most away from this class. Tiernan is a bit cheesy, but totally fun and the stuff he taught was easy to absorb and pretty cool. He’s also a very good instructor, even with a large group (the room was packed).

Apparently Prusik knots are awesome. The music was cheesy, but we got so much out of this class that right afterward we ran to Rope Extremes and bought enough MFP to tie Prusik shackles with Redmayne catches to all four corners of our bed.

The demonstration part drew the audience in, but didn’t take much time away from the actual hands-on practice. We had a lot of time to practice, and the presenters mingled in and out of the groups, making sure we were all safe and doing things in the right way, answering our questions. I would like to see more workshops from this group in the future.

Very good class. The demonstrations were very good, easy to understand, done at a good pace and the instructor was very good to watch. The demo bottoms were helpful when going around the room to help. The instructor was well prepared and held things up while he slowly demonstrated “how to”. The room was a bit small and the crowd was rather big so next year he should have a bigger room.

Excellent! Very fun and sexy (and also silly) intro scene, which also worked well to set context for later, when he taught us each knot and reminded us what he’d used it for in the intro. Demonstrating each knot multiple times, and then leaving enough time for us to practice each one multiple times, made it easy to learn. Demo bottoms who knew the knots and wandered around the room made it even easier. Knots they taught were excellent: practical, learnable, versatile, and in some cases doing things no other knot I know does.

Damn. I had fun at this one. He had a kind of choreographed demo opening that really caught my attention. Then he built from extremely simple beginnings, doing one step then the next and then the next, and each step was something that was useful all by itself. When he finally showed us his new catch, we all kind of let out a collective “whoa”. Simple but cool. He and his demo bunnies also were very good about making sure everyone had each step, but at the same time, kept things fun and moving along. GREAT class. Oh! and he provided handouts so that we had something to help us remember.

Aside from the class being far too popular for a hands-on class in a small classroom, this was a fantastic class. I learned so much, and was one of the lucky few to get the handout, which gives me a very good reference for all the ties covered in the class. The presenter did an excellent job of demonstrating everything repeatedly, and going around to give individual attention to each student despite a very high attendance. Two assistants also provided direct assistance to students on each tie. This was a fantastic class and the major negative of it is that I feel I learned the material so well, I might not be inclined to take it again. I hope that Dominic has more material and will present something else at the next BiB!

Really cool class. 100% Unique material from anything we had seen so far at the con but still highly accessible to beginners. Dominic opened with more choreography and flourish than any other presenter we got to see which,if not instructive, was a nice change of pace. The class went really well for me until he got to the more intricate pulley systems of rope. At that point I repeatedly tried and failed to get his final self-named technique to work but was unable to flag down him or any of his helpers for assistance getting it right. It was frustrating enough that I had to stop and figure I’d take the information from his website later on. His incorporation and explanation of the tiny bits of Hojojutsu were fascinating and well explained to those of us who had never seen such a thing before. Overall he was a top-notch presenter and I would definitely attend another of his classes in the future.