Matthew Walker Knot

The Matthew Walker Knot is an extremely stable way to create a knot at the end of your rope or to bring multiple ropes together to create a transition in rope craft.  The 3-strand version of knot is very straightforward to tie.  There is a multi-strand version of the knot that can be used to make this knot with any number of strands, but the process to do so is a bit fiddly.

This video shows you the 3-strand, then the multi-strand, demonstrating the knot for 4-strands, 5-strands, and 6-strands.  Hopefully, the multiple demonstrations of greater and greater numbers of strands will help you master this very cool knot.

In this video, I am using 550 paracord in multiple colors instead of my usual hemp.  This makes it much easier to see what is happening and how the various cords fall.

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