Kajira Blue

This is Kajira Blue, owned slave, property of Lazarus Redmayne.

Kajira Blue is the primary model seen in tutorials on TheDuchy beginning at the end of 2021. 

Here is a sample of some of her work.  Click the picture to go to the tutorial for that tie.

TheDuchy Logo in Real Life! (v1)
Suspiria Volk Dress - Pose 1 - Sq
Fisherman's Hobbleskirt - Waitress -7
Waitress in Fall Colors
Matilda's Embrace
Fisherman's Harness v1 (t2) - AC2 (1)
Cleopatra Chest Weave - Extended - Modeled (8)
HwG-Paris Marquise Hip Harness
Fall Colors - Quadruped
Wheelchair - AC (3)
Pentagram Harness