My Models & Mannequins

We get a lot of email asking about the models we work with.

In 2021 we switched to using live models.  Kajira Blue is the model featured in many of the tutorials since that time, but did a fair bit of work with Athena and with others from time to time as well

Prior to that, however, we primarily shot tutorials using a life-sized, posable sex doll!  We call her Natasha and she is still the model you will see most often throughout the site.

So here is more information for those of you that are curious about her…

Why a doll?

  • Using a doll allows us to work any time of day (or night), for any length of time.  We can work for 5 minutes and then leave the doll tied up for 2 days until we return to that project.
  • But … the doll cannot assume every necessary position (for example, we needed a live partner to shoot the frog tie and the futomomo because the doll’s legs cannot bend fully ankle-to-thigh like a real person’s can).

Why all the white?

We dress our models in a white Zentai for a few reasons:

  • The primary goal of TheDuchy is education, not titillation.  We know that we sometimes lose potential members because they want to see some skin, but that isn’t the purpose of our tutorials.  We wanted the tutorials themselves to be accessible and appeal to people who are very new to all of this, not just people who are very experienced.  We don’t want to scare off new, potentially sensitive, people.  So we elected to remove skin from the equation.  It is just about the rope, the bondage and the technique.
  • We also wanted the bondage to be as visible and clear as possible.  With a white background and white subject, the light bounces around really well, lighting the ropes and my blue gloves so that things are easier for people to see.
  • (This is also the primary reason that we have the camera zoomed tightly in to the bondage knots in the pictures and videos.  You lose out a little of the instructor interacting with you on camera, but this isn’t about them; it is about getting the best shot of the bondage technique that we can.)
  • The streamlined white look has become part of our brand.  People generally know our work because of the clean look and simplicity.  In fact, we have noted others starting to imitate us, and that, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery  😉
  • If you happen to like the look and want to order a Zentai, you can get them from many sources.  We get ours from VSVO on Amazon (Made-to-Measure, White).  The really cool thing about the VSVO offering is that you can get it sized to order so that it will fit *you*, not some random dimensions.  Pretty sweet!

Where did you get your doll?
Where can I get something that might work well to practice on?

The one we use is actually a medium-high end sex doll XD. It gives us lines that photograph well and can be moved/positioned as needed. They are pretty expensive, though. The one we are using at the moment is “Brandy” from PassionDolls (pic below).


But you don’t need to spend anything like that kind of money just to practice. 

Mannequin Madness

Mannequin Madness knows full well that people like to use mannequins to practice.  They have leaned into that and have a whole page dedicated to shibari mannequins!  I have a friend who owns this one (available covered in white or black fabric) and quite likes it!



Amazon has a variety of offerings that can be helpful.  Search for “Flexible Posable Bendable Full-size Mannequin”

Here is a link to a male and a female option that may work for you…

Posable Mannequin - Male

I’ve even seen people tie some pool noodles to a couch cushion to build something to practice on.  Very creative and pretty low cost!   😉