Дополнительные типы тел

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As a general request, it would be so nice to see tutorials that include different body types. Fat bodies, more stereotypically masculine bodies, disabled bodies, trans bodies. I know this requires finding models for this, and maybe most tutorials still use the same model, but having at least some, especially if the body would make a difference.

It would also be wonderful to have a section in the tutorial/learning area with more info on tying on different bodies, and include notes in tutorials on accommodations or adjustments that could be done. The intro info is great about mentioning some things, but notes in tutorials on ways to adjust not just for aesthetics and amount of rope left, but particular bodies would be helpful. And some more chest harnesses that aren’t as focused on displaying breasts, hip harnesses that work well if someone has a phallus, hip harnesses that aren’t just about making the ass stand out.

Even just a tutorial section focused on making basic adjustments that could be applied to other tutorials and linked to the way the basic knots and segments are.

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