Switching from Patreon

There are benefits to switching to an account directly on TheDuchy:

  • Price protection!  You keep whatever price you signed under for as long as you keep the account.  Future price increases will not impact you!
  • Smoother, native login (you won’t have to deal with Patreon)
  • Prorated fee if you upgrade or downgrade your account
  • More of your support goes to TheDuchy instead of to the much more expensive overhead charged by Patreon

Here is how to switch:

1.  If you have not already done so, log in with your Patreon account just as you normally do to view members-only tutorials.

2. Go here and click the button for your selected level of Direct account here on TheDuchy!

3.  You should see a page with your account username ( in the image below).

4.  Enter the billing information required ( in the image below).

5.  Provide the payment information.  Check the box accepting the Terms & Conditions.  Then click the Submit and Check Out button.

6.  If the payment is successful, you should see a confirmation screen:

7.  Wait for the email validation message to arrive, click the provided URL, log in to TheDuchy to confirm you have access, then unsubscribe from Patreon.  Details for each of these steps are provided below.

The system must verify that you own the email account you provided before it will give you access to members-only content.  You will received a message that looks like the one below.  You must click the link at the top before you can go further.  If you don’t see the message, double check your spam folder.  Depending on the server load, your confirmation email may arrive immediately or it may take some time to be processed.

Membership Confirmation Email

Note: Under some circumstances when my security software sees behavior that might be suspicious, it will also will kick out a confirmation email.  If you receive a confirmation email that has a 15-minute time limit on it, that is from my security software; it is not the membership confirmation email that you are looking for.


If you have not received your email validate message, go the Membership Account page, scroll to the bottom and confirm that you have entered the correct email.  If not, correct it and click the Update Profile button.

Then click this link to Resend Confirmation Message or scroll to the top of the Membership Account page and click the link there:

Resend Confirmation Email

Once you have clicked the link in the confirmation email, log in and enjoy!

  1. Log in here
  2. Enter the Username & Password you used when you signed up
  3. IGNORE ANYTHING RELATED TO PATREON … As a Direct member, Patreon messages and buttons do not apply to you.
    (I will remove those messages once the Patreon plugin is updated to allow for that to happen … then things will be less confusing)
  4. Click the blue “Log In” button at the bottom
Member Login Button

To cancel your account on Patreon, log in to Patreon, then go to the Memberships page in your Settings.  From there you can edit or cancel your patronage.

If you have any issues, contact me for help!