Tutorials …by Difficulty

Here you can plan your learning journey based on the difficulty of the technique.

If you have not already done so, start with my Core Knowledge page.  That is my 100-level course  on Rope Bondage.  It takes you through the foundation material in order.  Other tutorials will assume you know the Core.

Core and Easy – I assume you are starting at the very beginning and show every step in excruciating detail.

I also spend more time on safety and style/technique–where to place your fingers and how in order to minimize movement, etc…

Intermediate – I assume you know the Core material very well and that you have practiced it.  I also assume you have experience with many of the other Easy tutorials as well.

I still show most steps in great detail, but on occasion may not show the detail for a Core technique.  (i.e. I may say “finish with a square knot” or “lock off with two half hitches” and not show the step-by-step how to do so)

Advanced – I assume you know the Core material cold and have significant experience with your rope handling and various ties at the Easy and Intermediate level.

I will “put a lark’s head single column around your partner’s upper chest” and just show you a single picture with that already done, and expect you to know what to do without me having to go into detail.  This compresses 15 steps into 1 and allows me to give advanced tutorials without having them be hundreds of steps long…

  • All
  • Advanced
  • Core
  • Easy
  • Intermediate

‘Curves Ahead’ Drum Harness ⑤

‘Curves Ahead’ TK ⑤

Applying a Handcuff Knot

Bikini Harness

Bit Gag

Bondage Belt

Bondage Belt w Happy Strap

Boola Boola

Burlington Bowline

Burlington Bowline – Inline

Cat’s Paw Single Column

Chain Stitch Corset ⑤

Chain Stitch Single Column

Chair Tie – Armless Chair ③

Chair Tie – Folding Chair ③

Chair Tie – Legs-Up ③

Choosing Rope

Choosing Suspension Rope ⑤

Coiling & Storing Rope

Continuous Reverse Gauntlet

Cross-Chest Box Tie

Crossing Hitch (Munter Hitch)

Double Coin Knot

Dragonfly Harness ③

Drum Harness ⑤

Ebi (‘Shrimp’) Tie

Extending Rope

Fisherman’s Knot


Flogging Cuff

Forced Orgasm Belt (Prusik)


Frictions for Hard Points ③

Frog Tie

Futomomo for Suspension ③

Gote Shibari

Gravity Boot Single Column

Hair Ties ③

Harley Quinn Corset ⑤

Heavy Elbow Harness ③

Heel Tie – Stirrup Style

Heel Tie – Top Weave Style

Hishi Karada (‘Rope Dress’)

Hishi Te Shibari ⑤

Hobble | Simple Elbow Tie

Hog Tie (Accessible)

Hog Tie (Simple/Classic)

Hojōjutsu Ittatsu-ryu (Mod) ③

Hojōjutsu Ittatsu-ryu (Real) ③

Hojōjutsu Rope

Hon Kikkou ⑤

Inline Single Column (ILSC)

Karada Box Tie

Karada Hobbleskirt

Karada Mini Skirt ③

Kikkou Karada ③

Lark’s Head Double Column

Lark’s Head Knot

Lark’s Head Single Column


Lightning Harness

Load-baring DC

Loop-Chain Evening Dress

Loop-Chain Harness

Loop-Chain Thigh-Highs

Minnesota Peach ⑤

Multi-loop Handcuffs

One-Handed Slip Knot ③

Overhand | Double Overhand

Partial Suspension ⑤

Prayer Tie ③

Prusik Anchor

Prusik Cuffs

Prusik Head

Prusik Shackle

Prusik Single Column

Quick Cuffs (‘Texas Handcuffs’)

Redmayne Catch ③

Redmayne Strap-on

Redmayne Strap-on (Ring)

Rope Ends

Rope Length & Thickness

Server’s Hand Catch (Limb Binding)


Somerville Bowline

Spiral Futomomo

Square Knot | Surgeon’s Knot

Star (Pentagram) Harness

Star Harness (w Arms)

Straitjacket ③

Suspenders & Garters


Suspension – Evaluating a Hard Point ⑤

Suspension – Hangers ⑤

Suspension – Scene Planning & Safety ⑤

Suspension – The Emergency Munter Hitch ⑤

Suspension – Top or Bottom, Are you ready for suspension?

Suspension Shinju ③

Swiss Seat

Teshibari ③

The Inescapable ③

Tiva Hishi ⑤

Two Half-Hitches

Unchastity Belt

Unchastity Belt Cuffs ③

Video Download Page ⑳

What’s next? Vote! ①

Wrap & Cinch Double Column

Your First Suspension – Basic Seated Suspension ⑤

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