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‘Curves Ahead’ Drum Harness ⑤

‘Curves Ahead’ TK ⑤

Applying a Handcuff Knot

Bikini Harness

Bit Gag

Bondage Belt

Bondage Belt w Happy Strap

Boola Boola

Burlington Bowline

Burlington Bowline – Inline

Cat’s Paw Single Column

Chain Stitch Corset ⑤

Chain Stitch Single Column

Chair Tie – Armless Chair ③

Chair Tie – Folding Chair ③

Chair Tie – Legs-Up ③

Choosing Rope

Choosing Suspension Rope ⑤

Coiling & Storing Rope

Continuous Reverse Gauntlet

Cross-Chest Box Tie

Crossing Hitch (Munter Hitch)

Diamond Dress ⑤

Double Coin Knot

Dragonfly Harness ③

Drum Harness ⑤

Ebi (‘Shrimp’) Tie

Extending Rope

Fisherman’s Knot


Flogging Cuff

Forced Orgasm Belt (Prusik)


Frictions for Hard Points ③

Frog Tie

Futomomo for Suspension ③

Gote Shibari

Gravity Boot Single Column

Hair Ties ③

Harley Quinn Corset ⑤

Heavy Elbow Harness ③

Heel Tie – Stirrup Style

Heel Tie – Top Weave Style

Hishi Karada (‘Rope Dress’)

Hishi Te Shibari ⑤

Hobble | Simple Elbow Tie

Hog Tie (Accessible)

Hog Tie (Simple/Classic)

Hojōjutsu Ittatsu-ryu (Mod) ③

Hojōjutsu Ittatsu-ryu (Real) ③

Hojōjutsu Rope

Hon Kikkou ⑤

Inline Single Column (ILSC)

Karada Box Tie

Karada Hobbleskirt

Karada Mini Skirt ③

Kikkou Karada ③

Lark’s Head Double Column

Lark’s Head Knot

Lark’s Head Single Column


Lightning Harness

Load-baring DC

Loop-Chain Evening Dress

Loop-Chain Harness

Loop-Chain Thigh-Highs

Minnesota Peach ⑤

Multi-loop Handcuffs

One-Handed Slip Knot ③

Overhand | Double Overhand

Partial Suspension ⑤

Prayer Tie ③

Prusik Anchor

Prusik Cuffs

Prusik Head

Prusik Shackle

Prusik Single Column

Quick Cuffs (‘Texas Handcuffs’)

Redmayne Catch ③

Redmayne Strap-on

Redmayne Strap-on (Ring)

Rope Ends

Rope Length & Thickness

Server’s Hand Catch (Limb Binding)


Somerville Bowline

Spiral Futomomo

Square Knot | Surgeon’s Knot

Star (Pentagram) Harness

Star Harness (w Arms)

Straitjacket ③

Suspenders & Garters


Suspension – Evaluating a Hard Point ⑤

Suspension – Hangers ⑤

Suspension – Scene Planning & Safety ⑤

Suspension – The Emergency Munter Hitch ⑤

Suspension – Top or Bottom, Are you ready for suspension?

Suspension Shinju ③

Swiss Seat

Tengu ⑤

Teshibari ③

The Inescapable ③

Tiva Hishi ⑤

Two Half-Hitches

Unchastity Belt

Unchastity Belt Cuffs ③

Video Download Page ⑳

What’s next? Vote! ①

Wrap & Cinch Double Column

Your First Suspension – Basic Seated Suspension ⑤