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A Kinky Education List

Some people are just here for the artistry, some people want to learn more. Here is a good place to start for both new and experienced players.

Barre Harness

This simple but attractive chest harness is composed of a series of horizontal wraps that are later connected by vertical components running down the outside of the chest.

Bondage Belt

Here is one technique to integrate two cuffs into a single rope belt, making it a Bondage Belt 🙂

Bunny Ties

Tie your partner’s wrists behind their neck in such a way that their elbows stick up like bunny ears!

Cleopatra Chest Weave

The Cleopatra Chest Weave is a wonderful harness with many fun variations.  You can keep it simple or get quite complex.

Doggy Style Harness

For … some reason … many of us *love* to have our partner bent over. Well, here is one way to make sure they cannot stand fully straight up again without permission.

Flogging Cuff

This single column is very fast to create and apply. It is not intended to be secure; it is more intended to help your partner stay in position


Frictions are used to connect two bands of rope together tightly so that they support each other and don't slip out of position

Frog Tie

A frog tie is just a double column tie applied in such a way so as to tie the ankle to the thigh

Gravity Boot

This unique Single Column tie has the force run directly out the bottom of the foot, instead of off to the side. It is great for spread-eagle ties and for inverted suspensions.

Gravity Boot Single Column

This is a single-column tie, designed for the foot & ankle. It is based on the Gravity Boot, but don't use this version for suspension. It is great for tying someone to a bed spread-eagle 🙂

Harley Quinn Corset

A corset made up of multiple strands of rope so you can easily make it multi-color! I have a thing for Harley Quinn (huge surprise, I'm sure) so my color choices are an homage to her inimitable style. 🙂

Hog Tie (Simple/Classic)

The hog tie is one of the most simple full-body ties. It can be extremely challenging for the bottom, so the top should understand a few key things.

Kikkou Karada

This body harness is very similar to the Hishi Karada, but instead of diamond patterns it has hexagons 🙂


Lashings connect two pieces of bamboo (two sticks, two dowels, whatever) together ... used to create bondage frames

Lightning Harness

This is fast and can be made wonderfully tight. Unlike the majority of what we do, it starts at one end of a rope not in the middle.

Matilda’s Embrace

This is attractive corset is very flexible and has many variations to fit a wide variety of rope-based fashions!

Partial Suspension

This tutorial lets you practice all the skills you need for full suspension, but with the safety net of letting your partner keep one leg on the ground!

Prayer Tie

This attractive, unusual, surprisingly fast and secure form of bondage holds your partner's hands in the classic prayer position

Prusik Cuffs

This quick-capture knot (takes less than a minute!) is very difficult to escape from when properly applied

Prusik Shackle

This is a quick-capture knot that is can be quickly and easily adjusted on the fly by the top without untying it, but it cannot be adjusted by the bottom


This classic chest harness, known and practiced by riggers throughout the world, is simple, secure and, when applied properly, can be used for suspension.

Small Fiber Neuropathy

A person with SFN may experience pain or other sensations in ways or to degrees that you might not expect.

Spiral Futomomo

This classic tie is used to bind the ankle tightly to the thigh and distribute the force of the tie across the entire leg


One method to tie your partner's hands in front of them. This is the Gote Shibari or TK tied with the stem in the front ... and a few additional twists

Suspiria Volk Dress

The rope dress from Suspiria (2018)’s Volk dance! A great disturbing costume for Halloween or gothic-themed party!

Unchastity Belt

Commonly known by the awful name "Crotch Rope", this simple waist harness has a little teasing feature. Think of it as an un-chastity belt made from rope 🙂

Vine Futomomo

This attractive futomomo features a vine-like pattern created by the repeated use of the Half Hitch