Cross-Chest Box Tie

An unusual box tie/chest harness, it holds the wrist up with straps going over the shoulders instead of around the chest like you commonly see in TK variants.

Coil of Rope

For this tutorial, I used one 30′ (~9m) piece of Natural 6mm provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.

Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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Pictures & Text

1. Start with a single column cuff going around both wrists and then run the tail up to one shoulder

2. Go across the upper chest and the under the opposite arm

3. And to the back. Place your fingers through the cuff…

4. Grab the tail

5. And pull through

6. Run up to the other shoulder

7. Across the chest to the other armpit

8. …

9. And again through the cuff

10. …

11. …

You can also reverse the direction of the tail at this point if you like, it doesn’t matter, we will lock this off in a later step

12. Continue the tail around the upper arms…

13. …across the chest below the breasts and around the other arm

14. Put your fingers under all the shown cords on the opposite side

15. …

16. And pull the tail through

17. Reverse the tension

18. Add a second wrap around the chest, parallel to the one already there

Run your finger underneath the four strands to keep them flat and together, and to gauge that the tension is even

19. Bring around to the back again

20. And wrap it around the center line

21. Split the strands so that we can add a cinch to both arms

22. Reach through the larger hole from the front

23. Grab the tail and pull through

24. Reach through from behind, above the lower chest strap

25. Pull the tail through.

Remember your rope craft, and dress these lines to keep them flat and parallel

26. Then pull the tail more firmly to cinch the strap tighter

Keep your finger in place so you know how tight it is

27. Do the same thing on the other side

28. Wrap the two strand around the center column from opposite sides, bring them together and secure with a surgeon’s knot.

If you have rope left over you can wind it in a figure 8 pattern up the shoulder straps.

29. Completed from the back

30. Completed from front

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  1. any chance there is a video of this?

    1. I need to redo this tutorial from the ground up, when I do, I will add a video as well. Can’t say at the moment exactly when that will be though. Time is a 0-sum game 🙁

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