1. looks like steps 52 and 53 got lost somewhere…

    1. Sure enough. Weird! Got it fixed.

  2. Instead of the happy knot, I’m using the forced orgasm attachment. 😁

    1. Nice! Great idea! (…and it would certainly look way better than what i did here!)

  3. Is there a way to adapt this for male partners? The knot at the bottom (regardless of how clean or messy it looks 😉) would be putting pressure on less-squishable parts of the male anatomy.

    Perhaps an adaptation of the karada miniskirt could be added to this? The lack of center-diamond in the front is the only part that makes it hard to directly apply the karada miniskirt to this.

    1. Hi Will, Great question! You certainly can: I have modified steps 37 and 40 to talk about how to do this, but basically, simply skip the happy knot and run one rope to each side of the penis, then put your overhand knot above the penis and continue…

  4. I *hate* how the crotch strap of this looks. Just use a simple overhand knot and be done… 🙂

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