False Lover’s Knot


This is an attractive cross-shaped knot reminiscent of the Celtic cross.  It can be tied neared the end of a rope to create a three-lobed knot or tied in a running line to add additional lobes off of the sides.  As such it can be an interesting way to add flair to a tie requiring repeated anchor points like Hishi Karada, Futomomo, or thigh highs.

The knot is a little fiddly to create, but holds its shape nicely when all four arms are under tension.

TwistedSyn Nylon - Crimson

For this tutorial, I used a variety of nylon ropes, provided by my affiliate TwistedSyn

TwistedSyn Nylon feels like luxury.  It is richly colored and shiny, it is smooth and silky to the touch.  When you hold it, it just makes you want to slide it over someone’s skin! 

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Here are a couple of fun examples where this knot was used to add a decorative layer two column and ties.  The first is a a modification to the Hishi Karada, the second a Futomomo.

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