Fast Load-bearing Double Column

Fast Load-bearing Double Column

This simple variation on the Lark’s Head Double Column is quick to tie and is suitable for load-bearing situations.  By “load bearing”, I mean situations where a person may pull strongly against their bondage.  For example, tying a person’s wrists to a headboard so that they can pull against their bondage during the scene, or attaching them to an overhead hard point where they may be pulling down on their cuffs.  With this technique, pulling on the cuffs will not make them clamp down and get tighter on the wrists.

This is not sufficient for any situation where the person is unable to relieve the tension.  In the bed example, the person needs to simply stop pulling and the tension is relieved.  When they relieve the tension, the pressure of the cuffs will be relieved.  They are still bound, but the rope will no longer be digging in to their skin.

But attaching them to an overhead hard point can introduce more risk.  You can use this to hold their arms over their head, but don’t pull them up so high that they are on their tip-toes and cannot relieve the pressure on their wrists.  This is a dangerous situation.  Even if you do leave them on their heels so they can relieve the tension, over time doing so may become more and more difficult.  Always keep clear communication with your partner and keep their health as your top priority.

Do not attempt to use this or any other wrist-only rope technique to suspend someone.

Coil of Rope

For this tutorial, I used Natural 1/4″ (6mm) hemp.

I use an amazing Natural hemp rope provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out!

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