Harley Quinn Corset, Part 3 – Fishnets

This is the last part of the Harley Quinn Corset Series: Part 3 – Fishnets

You don’t actually need to do the corset to do this fun little add, but you do need to a have some sort of garters in place (just a single-column around the upper thighs).  Checkout Harley Quinn Corset, Part 3 – Garters for one idea how.

For this one, you can set up a set of ropes that are ready to do this at any time, so I recommend that you buy some cheaper rope that you don’t mind cutting.  Grab some fun colors in 1/8″ (2mm) for a nice look.

Notes: Before you tackle this one, you will need to know:
–  Safety (always)
–  Square Knot
–  Double Coin Knot
–  I also recommend that you try the Karada so you understand how this is supposed to work…

Adding karada-style Fishnet stockings (an optional part of the Harley Quinn Corset)

The video shows the Technique 1 version of this tie.  The pictures below show Technique 2 pictures.  I personally like the video version better, but am presenting the one below in case the rope lengths you have work out better using this version.

If you go with Technique 1, you will need four ropes of equal length, two in each color. Each equal in length to six times the length of your partner’s inseam.  It can also be a bit longer than this, thereby allowing you to use this setup on multiple partners.  In practice this is in the range of ~26′ (8m),

For the Technique 2 version of this tie shown below, you need four ropes, two in each color, but of different lengths.  for each color, the shorter rope should be ~3 times your partner’s inseam and the longer rope ~9-10 times inseam.  In practice this often translates to ~15′ (4.5m) and ~45′ (14m), but test it out on your partner before cutting rope too precisely.

Technique 1

Technique 2

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