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This tutorial shows how to make a simple rope flogger using nothing but Double Overhand Knots and a few wraps!

With knowledge of a few more knots, many kinds of rope floggers can be created.  Check out Flogger Forge to up your game and learn how to build some really impressive floggers!

When making a simple flogger, use 3/8” (8mm) or thicker so that the falls have the necessary weight.  This tutorial uses 3/8”.  (1/4” (6mm)  rope can be used for floggers where each fall has two lines, but you’ll likely find it too light for designs were each fall as a single strand)

•  You will need three pieces that are 60” long and one piece that is 130” long.

•  We will build a flogger that’s approximately 25” long, with a 7” handle, and 18” falls.

I highly recommend that you choose a soft synthetic fiber like pure nylon or MFP.  When flogging somebody it is possible to scrape bits of skin off and have them lodged in your rope.  If you flog somebody very hard it’s even possible to draw a little blood.  Using synthetic fibers means that you can wash your flogger when necessary.  Natural fibers will absorb body fluids and are impossible to get fully clean.  Course and scratchy synthetic fibers like poly-pro are also not suitable; a flogger made out of poly-pro would scrape and scratch your partner a lot, perhaps beyond tolerance.  (That said, I am using poly-pro to make this tutorial because it happened to be a bunch of cheap rope I had laying around when this project occurred to me XD )

This picture may not make a great deal of sense to you until you look through the rest of the tutorial and understand what we will be building.  Once you’ve done so, come back here to get a sense of how to plan out how much rope you will need to create this flogger.

Planning - Simple DOH Flogger
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  1. Great starter whip to tie

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