Frog Tie


A frog tie is just a double column tie applied in such a way so as to tie the ankle to the thigh. Any of the double column ties will work for this, but this one is showing how to apply a lark’s head double column to create a frog tie.

Pro/Con:  Because of the fact that the lark’s head is a reverse tension single column that we are converting to a double column by using a cinch, the reverse quality of the lark’s head allows you to tighten the limb down severely if you desire.  Be sure to read the Safety page.  make sure you are not impinging on blood vessels or nerves.

Coil of Rope

For each leg, I used one 15′ (~5m) piece of Natural 6mm provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.

Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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A frog tie is just a double column tie applied in such a way so as to tie the ankle to the thigh

Pictures & Text


1. So this is basically a double-column tying ankle to thigh

You can do this just as easily with arms, etc., too…


2. Place the loop of a Lark’s Head knot over the folded limb


3. Reverse tension


4. …wrapping it around the leg again.


5. Perhaps another time or two if you have enough rope


6. Until you have 18-24″ of rope left

“Dress” the lines as you go so that they lay uniformly and have even tension


7. Reach through the bight and grab the tail


8. Pull through


9. Separate the strands


10. Run each strand around both sides of the cords

Just as is shown in the Larks Head Double Column tutorial…because that is basically all this is…


11. Bring the cords to the side of the leg that is going to be harder for your partner’s hands to reach


12. Finish off with a square knot or surgeon’s knot


13. One side done!


14. Do both sides, and you have the classic “Frog Tie”


15. Your partner is now pretty much left with two choices: Kneeling…


16. …or laying…

BTW, from this position, you can easily put them into an Accessible Hog Tie. Check it out!


17. Done!

Oh my! Now what?

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