Half-Hitch Handle (HHH)

FF -- Handle - Half-Hitch

The Half-Hitch Handle (HHH) is almost as easy as the Simple Wrap, but it has an attractive spiral and tends to be more consistently firm as it is easier to set consistent tension for every wrap.

You build the handle either by using one of the strands that that is part of the flogger itself—just making that strand longer to accommodate for the extra rope needed for the handle—or by adding a second rope for the handle wrap

I almost always use a core because I like firmer handles  …  Here I’m using a wooden dowel.  For a handle with a slightly softer touch, you could use a short piece of rope (the same rope you are using for the rest of your project) as your core.

I happen to have six strands in this project, so I chose a wooden dowel that had the same diameter as my rope so that the ropes will cleanly surround the core.  If your project has a greater number of strands, you can use a larger core.  For example if you have eight or nine ¼” strands in your project, a core that is ½” in diameter works pretty well…

One interesting thing about adding a new cord is that you can choose a different diameter of cord for the handle than is being used for the rest of the project.  If you use a thinner rope, it can give your handle a finer texture, which can look very nice and be more pleasant to the touch

Rope Consumption:

If wrapping around a 7 strand bundle (1 in the middle, surrounded by 6) of ¼” (~6mm) rope.  If your handle has a different number of strands inside it, or is made with a thicker or thinner cord, you will need different amounts.

Rope Diameter Amount of rope needed / linear inch (or cm) covered Approx. Number of wraps per linear inch (it flattens out a little) Approx. amount needed to cover 7 inches
1/4” 14”/inch (~14cm/cm) 4 98” (~2.5m)
1/8” 19”/inch (~19cm/cm) 7-8 133” (~3.4m)
1/16” 37”/inch (~37cm/cm) 14-15 259” (~6.6m)

If your handle is smaller or larger than this you will need different amounts.

The pictures below show this done with 1/4″ (6mm) rope.  This video shows that, and also what it would look like with 1/8″ (3mm) paracord.  You can also see what this will look like with 1/16″ twine in the Kara’s Rebuke tutorial, where I also show in more detail how to connect a handle rope into your project by anchoring it to the handle core.

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