Handling Rope While Tying

Handling - Moving Rope

Rope bondage is an art.  This can be true not only of the completed tie, but of the process itself.  There are ways to handle rope, to move it and to manage its flow during the tying process, that make your tying itself look and feel like an art form.

These techniques are not difficult.  They make the tying easier, reduce the risk of rope burn, and of having rope tails flying around and possibly hitting your partner in unexpected ways and places.  They give you options to extend rope in the middle of a tie, if needed.  This means you don’t need super long ropes to do various harness … which, in turn, means that you can tie more quickly, because your tail pulls won’t take as long.  They also give you various techniques for using up extra rope at the end in ways that are attractive and give your tie a completed, professional look.

Don’t try to tie any of these techniques quickly at first.  Focus on learning to do it correctly.   Work on the technique.  Speed will come with practice.  The only way to get good at rope is to practice and drill.  Once you know how to do it, do it over and over again, build muscle memory.  While watching TV or whatever, keep doing drills, tie it on your ankle or whatever over and over.  Repetition is how you improve.  But it is important to be practicing the correct thing!

Handling – Moving Rope

Building Blocks – Junctions

Extending Rope

Handling – Using Up Extra Rope

Handling – Locking Off

Tying Various Body Types

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  1. I entirely get your point here. Agree entirely. I have a different question, entirely. Where do y’all get the full body suits models wear in these sets/videos? Been searching and having no luck. Have a young lady quite interested in being tied, she does not want to be naked in the process. Yea, I know.

    1. The full body suit including the head covering is called a “zentai”. If you want the head free, it is called a “catsuit”. You can find them at dance and costume supply stores or online. I got mine from VSVO on Amazon. You can find a link to them on the “Buy Rope & More” page: https://www.theduchy.com/shop/

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