Load-bearing Double Column

Load-bearing Double Column

If you plan to have any tension or load on your double column–for example, if you plan to tie your partner to a bed so they can struggle or tie them to an overhead hard point–It is extremely important do so in such a way that the cords of the cuffs don’t cinch down more tightly.  Here is one good way to do so.  The Lark’s Head Double Column tutorial shows another way to do so.

For this tutorial I begin with the Wrap & Cinch Double Column, but this technique will work equally well with any double column.

Important Safety Tip!  Wrists are sensitive, they must be handled with care.

  • They have a lot of nerve and blood vessels near the skin on the inside of the wrists.  Too  much pressure there can impact blood flow or nerve conduction.  Cuffs should never be too tight; you should always be able to run two fingers under a cuff.
  • The wrist joint itself is also fragile.  If you pull on wrists too hard, you can damage that joint or even push some of those small wrist bones into the wrong position.  NEVER suspend someone by the wrists alone.  Never tie someone in a position where rope is a applying heavy continual stress on the wrists. 
Coil of Rope

For this tutorial, I used one 15′ (~4.5m) piece of Natural 6mm provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.

Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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Important safety note: I have not pulled my partner’s arms to full extension above her head.  There is still some slack so she can adjust her position when needed.

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  1. Greetings, can you make/add a video to this?

    1. In 2021, I plan to update (possibly redo) many of the core tutorials. When I do that, will add videos to them all. So, yes! …but I wasn’t planning to do so immediately.

  2. This tutorial is a little confusing relative to the others in the core series, wander if this got out without being completely edited?

    1. I’m sorry you are not finding it quite a clear. Perhaps it is the angle that I am showing (straight on). I will shoot this with an overhead angle and add those pics as well. Hopefully that will help.

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