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The Volk Dress is an intricate and impressive design from the horror movie Suspiria (2018).  We have created a detailed, step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create it, but it requires you to cut 16+ custom lengths of rope … so you may want to buy rope specifically for this project.

I have partnered with two of my affiliates on a special deal for enough rope to do this project, plus a  a code for a free month on TheDuchy, if you are not already a member.  This offer will give you the rope and the instructions on how to create this arresting dress, plus you have a month to explore all the other great things TheDuchy has to offer!

Suspiria Volk Dress - Pose 1 - Sq
Suspiria Volk Dance - Pose

You will need to cut rope for this tie, so you may want to get some specifically for this project.

For Suspiria, the Volk dress was made using crimson rope with a matte finish that appears both bright and muted in different lighting situations.  This tie is not locked tightly to the skin; therefore the ropes will move along the skin somewhat as the wearer moves.  If you use a rough rope you may end up with some abrasion.  For that reason, you might consider using synthetic rope instead of natural fiber for this one.

If you have a good source of rope and dye and want to handle this yourself, go for it!  But if not, here are some good choices to buy rope for this project online:

AgreeableAgony and TwistedSyn have partnered with me to create a special offer for rope for the Suspiria Rope Dress.  I recommend these synthetic options because they are smoother than natural fiber ropes and less likely to lead to abrasion.  Also, they do not absorb body oils as much.  That said, if you prefer natural fiber, I always recommend hemp from TwistedMonk!

MFP or POSH from AgreeableAgony

Rope - AgAg - Suspiria Options

MFP (in 6mm or 8mm) from AgAg is a more cherry or fire-engine red.  It is light and springy.  It will bounce and flounce around as the wearer dances.  It is a good choice for a more upbeat, flirtatious mood.  Their 6mm MFP is the rope that you see in the tutorial below! AgAg is also offering a 6mm POSH which is wonderfully heavy and thuddy if you want a darker mood.  All three options are pictured above.

Nylon from TwistedSyn

Rope - TwistedSyn - Nylon - Crimson

This nylon from TwistedSyn is a deeper, darker crimson.  It is silky and decadent.  It has a more dramatic drape. and will fly straighter and with more visual weight (less spring or bounce) when moving.  It is also shiny and will catch the light differently.  This rope is more visceral and would be a good choice for a more serious, darker mood.

Here are two publicity shots created by the studio to market the movie Suspiria (2018).  These gorgeous shibari-inspired rope dresses were the original creation of Giulia Piersanti, the costumer for Suspiria.  For more on the vision and creative process, check out these great articles in Vogue and Polygon.

Dance Troup in Suspiria (2018)
Suspiria Volk Dance - Pose

This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions on creating the Suspiria Volk Dress.  It provides tools for custom-fitting the dress and then breaks down the process into 12 parts with over 270 images show the detail of each step!  Here are a few sample pictures from various parts of the tutorial.

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