Somerville Bowline

This is my favorite forward-tension single-column tie.  It can be applied when the trailing end is already attached to something!  It requires no tail pulls.

This amazingly useful tie was invented by Topologist in 2009 and quickly became one of the most widely-taught ties not of Japanese origin.

Pros:  Can be used to tie up something when the other end of the rope is already tied to something. It can also be untied from either end.

Cons:  It is a touch more bulky than some options, but that’s pretty minor…

For this demo, I used one 10′ (~3m) piece of Natural 6mm provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.

Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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  1. Is it possible or how would one take the tail and combine it into a single stitch chain column for the model to have something more substantial to hold onto

    1. Well, one of the benefits of this tie is that you can untie it without having to untie the tail first (cool safety feature). If you added a hand hold as you describe, you would lose that feature. If you want to have a hand hold, I would use the technique shown in the “Flogging Cuff” tutorial, or, if you want the chain stitch, start with a Lark’s Head Single Column and then just add a chain stitch to the tail before anchoring it. Best of luck with your experiments!! –LR

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