Spiral Futomomo


This classic tie is used to bind the ankle tightly to the thigh and distribute the force of the tie across the entire leg.  This variant looks amazing and is great for floor-level bondage!

You may also see people using it for suspensions from time to time, but it has been found to be unsafe for suspensions.  A better choice is the Suspension Futomomo creates wider straps of rope and locks each.

Pros – Elegant and relatively simple, this tie severely limits your partner’s freedom.  It can even be more comfortable than a simple double column tying the ankle to the thigh.

Cons – This can become painful if you are going to have your partner kneeling for extended periods.  The ropes around the shins will dig in with the extra pressure of the body weight.  Also, different bodies will have different tolerances for this. Depending on the details it is possible that a person’s own anatomy can impede their blood flow or nerve conduction when their leg is bent too far. Discuss this with your partner and confirm they are physically able to maintain this position before using a futomomo.

Notes – An important safety feature of the Futomomo is that no rope passes between the two parts of the leg except at the ankle.  You never want to close a leg on rope or a knot; it can impede nerve conduction and blood flow.

For this tie, I used one 30′ (10m) piece of Natural 6mm (1/4″) hemp provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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