Coiling & Storing Rope



Here are a few ways to coil and/or store your ropes.

This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are *many* others… 🙂
(I may add more from time to time.)

See the descriptions Picture & Text sections below for some pros and cons of the various options.


This Video Teaches 4 Things:

• Hanging your ropes… (ok, we don’t spend a lot of time on this one, but if you have the luxury of space, its a great option) (0:10)
• Coiling your ropes starting with the bight (0:55)
• Coiling your ropes starting with the tails (providing several options for ending it off) (2:30)
• Chain stitching (5:50)

Everyone has their preferred approach.  This one is mine.  Note however that it is not as stable as the approaches below and, if not wrapped tightly, may work itself loose if jostled alot…say if your are sending your ropes in airline luggage…

This approach is more stable than the one above and will typically not come undone, even if jostled quite a bit.

This approach is very stable; however, I personally don’t often use it.  If you leave your rope stored in this way for a while, it tends to be a bit kinky when undone.  ::Pauses for the obvious joke::  I prefer my ropes to be straight, so I don’t use this for long-term storage.  That said, this can be a good choice when you need to wash your ropes.  It rarely comes undone and it allows the water and soap better access than the above options would.

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  1. Hi, very useful stuff!
    I would like to see here also a bit about washing the ropes and general rope maintenance.


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