Harley Quinn Corset, Part 1 – Garters

This is not only a fun minimalistic look that can be built on in a number very interesting ways, it is also the first step in my Harley Quinn Corset series!
Harley Quinn Corset, Part 1 – Garters and Suspenders
Harley Quinn Corset, Part 2 – The Corset
Harley Quinn Corset, Part 3 – Fishnet Stockings

If you plan to do the full Harley Quinn Suite of ties, I highly recommend that you buy some cheaper rope that you don’t mind cutting.  If you do two colors like I did, 50′ (15m) of each color in 1/4″ (6mm) {for the corset itself} and 100′ (30m) of each in 1/8″ (2mm) {for the suspenders and fishnets} should be enough.

For just the garters/suspenders, you need two ropes, one in each color.  Each rope should be long enough to go around your partner’s thighs twice and then up over their shoulder back to the back of their thigh and then have about 12″ (30cm) of rope left to tie it off.  In practice this will often be around the 15′ (5m) range

Notes: Before you tackle this one, you should have been doing rope for a while so you have built some rope handling skill and some patience.  You will need to know:
–  Safety (always)
–  Lark’s Head Single Column
–  Square Knot

For this tie, I used 1/8″ (2mm) nylon rope.

Check out Twisted Monk for some amazing hemp rope!

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Now that you have the Garters, try the Harley Quinn Corset, where we will use the suspenders as the boning for that corset!


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