Technical Support

What seems to be the issue?

So you have become a member, but are having trouble accessing the member-only content?

The issue is that you need to log in to TheDuchy with your Patreon account  🙂

Don’t go to Patreon to log in, go straight to TheDuchy itself. When you come across a tutorial that is patron-only, TheDuchy will prompt you to log in *using your Patreon credentials*. That’s the place you do it, not from Patreon.  Once you have logged in once, it should not ask you again unless you switch devices or browsers

So, let’s just try this now and get it working for you:

1.  Go to: Dragonfly Harness

2.  Click on the “Unlock with Pateon” button (indicated by the red arrow below)

3.  Once you have clicked that, it will take you to Patreon.  If you have not already signed up, you can sign up right here

4.  If you *have* already signed, up you just need to log in.  However, don’t click the “Log In” button at the top right of the screen.  That one just logs you in to Patreon.  Scroll down to below the signup form and click the red “Log In” button there.  That is the one that actually logs you in to TheDuchy.  See the image below for details.


5.  You should only have to do this once for a given device and browser combination.  If you switch browsers, you will have to log in again.

Things were working fine at one point but now I can’t access patron-only content anymore.  WTF!?

In that case you are probably having a cookie problem.  If you have configured your browser or a plug-in to block cookies, TheDuchy may not work properly on that browser.  As described in the Terms, we use cookies for a variety of services, including letting you log in.  You will need to allow cookies for TheDuchy and Patreon or use a different browser or device that doesn’t block them.

If it used to be working, the cookies may have gotten corrupted by all the recent updates throughout the internet related to GDPR, and you will unfortunately have to clear your cookies and cache to resolve the issue.

You can try to prove this to yourself before you take that step by starting up some web browser you never use and then trying to access TheDuchy with that brand new browser. If it works fine with the alternative browser, then it’s a cookie problem with your primary browser and you’ll need to flush them all out to resolve it.

If you want to modify your membership or unsubscribe you do that through Patreon, not through TheDuchy itself

1.  Log in to Patreon and go to:

2.  Click the red “Edit” beside “Lazarus Redmayne”


3.  On the resulting page, find the link that says “Edit or Cancel Payment”


4.  Adjust from there