Fall Colors – Quadruped

This is a Create a Scene post examining how a scene was created using multiple ties.  

Here is another fun scene that can be created using only ties found in Rope 101!

This post features Kajira Blue as a playful quadruped!

In order to do this, you will also need to know the following:

Original is below
Model: Kajira Blue
Rigger: Lazarus Redmayne
Photographer: Lazarus Redmayne

Fall Colors - Quadruped - Annotated
  1. Hishi Karada as the body harness.
    Cored Square Knots used for rear connection points and to use up rope.
  2. A festival of Lark’s Head Double Columns on the legs and arms.
  3. Lark’s Head Single Column as a gag & lead.
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  1. Really like these colors together. I just did a practice tie, Diamond Dress, using black and red. Wish I could drop a pic in comments.

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