Hishi Karada (‘Rope Dress’)


The Hishi (Diamond) Karada is sometime known simply as a “rope dress”. It is attractive and a great anchor for additional layers and ties. Its diamond patterns and tight lacing is lovely and stimulating for both parties. It can be worn for quite a long period and people have been known to wear them under clothes for a bit of surreptitious public bondage. This model is about 5’3″ with the type of build you see. On her, I used about 30-35′ of rope for this tie.

If interested, there is also a Full Body variation of this in the behind-the-scene section!

Cool Features:  This can be made quite tight, but keep in mind the warning below. When you take this off, it leaves beautiful rope marks for a little while. It also has a “happy knot” feature that can add a nice twist if you include a figure 8 knot or chain stitch.

Warning:  Be sure to check our Safety page for important information about tight chest harnesses when combined with tight waist restraints. This has both, so make sure that your partner has no interference with his or her breathing.

For this tie, I used one 30′ (10m) piece of Natural 6mm (1/4″) hemp provided by my affiliate Twisted Monk.  Check them out for some amazing hemp rope!

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  2. If you have only seen pictures of this, it may look intimidating. In actuality, it is surprisingly easy!

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